Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Another Year of Robotics Completed!

Well, another season of  FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics  has come to an end for our team, culminating with a great showing at our state tournament (2nd place going into the finals!!)  It was a great year of learning, building, programming, etc.

I've mentioned it before, but honestly, this is a great organization.  There are teams throughout all the states and internationally as well.  If you don't find a team in your close area you can even form one!  Look into it!  It might be just what your teenagers enjoy!

Engineers in the making!!

Any other robotics folks out there?  Link up your blog post to this one so we can hear about your build, programming, season, or whatever! :)  Not just FTC but FRC, FLL, VEX, NXT, ev3, whatever robotics stuff your kids are involved in!  Thanks!

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