Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day, summer's "end" ?

Can summer possibly be coming to an end? The evenings are getting colder, requiring a sweatshirt, but the days are still warm/hot. Ahhhhhh :) What a great time of the year! I think I'm in denial about the end of summer.

Today I would like to mention that I am so thankful for where God has placed us for this time in our lives. We are very blessed to live on an island in the lake, so we have a wonderful town "beach" which is just a mostly-rocky cove nearby. I'm so thankful for the opportunities He gives us, and I'm thankful for a wonderful family with which to share those opportunities.

Are we in denial that summer is ending? :) Nah, we love fall too. . .but why not make the most of these last days of summertime?

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