Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer fun to come!!

My husband has been patiently saving money and looking for a boat within our very slim budget. Our regular boat is a 12 foot rowboat (see camo picture)with a little air cooled motor (yup, really, air-cooled!) We have caught lots of fish out of that old boat, and it was a wedding gift from my in-laws (was theirs when my husband was little)--it's just that it IS just 12 feet and with 2 grown-ups and 3 kids, who are getting bigger and bigger :). . .well, it's gotten so that it is a tad bit scary if the waves pick up.

So. . .we have been blessed to find this old beauty!Photobucket It's a 1965 Starcraft--pretty, huh? We'll have so much fun with it this summer, I'm sure!! And best of all, it didn't break our budget!

The other time we thought we had enough saved up to buy a boat, this is what we ended up with:

so obviously we're all thrilled with the Starcraft! :)

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