Friday, September 28, 2018

Science Fair part 2

Several weeks ago I had posted the sad tale of my daughter's attempt to do a really cool science project (read our sadness here) Basically she was told that she couldn't do the project she had planned because it was deemed a potentially hazardous biological agent, and she would need a special biosafety level 2 lab to do the culturing of the cyanobacteria (blue green algae).

We prayed about it and were frustrated for awhile :) and then we got an email from the head of the science fair (the one who had told us that she could not do it because of the hazard rating of the material) asking if she'd like my daughter to be put in contact with someone who could potentially allow her to do this project...we said YES!!

Fast forward to this week...she has met with the biosafety officer at a university near here and he has agreed to let her do her project in a lab of the necessary safety level for three weeks!!!  What a blessing from God!!

My frustration and worry was for nothing.  Why do I forget to trust God?

So thankful for this opportunity for her to "do science" !!!!!  :)

So...homeschoolers!  Don't give up!  There are ways to do these awesome things...God's provision surprised me (though it really ought not be so surprising!)

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