Wednesday, March 1, 2017

An Amish Home (4 Amish novellas) -- My REVIEW of this book of stories

Are you looking for some shorter reads?  This book, An Amish Home, is four separate books with Amish themes, by four different authors -- Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, and Ruth Reid.

The first story, A Cup Half Full, by Beth Wiseman, is about Abram and Sarah on their newly married life with Sarah's new life confined to a wheelchair.  Excitements of newly-married life fade when tainted by guilt and fear, and they need to come to a realization that life can, indeed, be good again.

The second, Home Sweet Home, by Amy Clipston, follows Mia and Chace, young parents who are not Amish, but are in desperate need of help and they DO receive help from an Amish family.  They learn that they can trust each other and grow as a family.

The third, A Flicker of Hope, by Ruth Reid, begins as Thomas and Noreen's house goes up in flames.  They are left with not much, and in the coming days, lose even that little they had.  The hardest part is that their relationship is petering out to seeming nothingness.  The story follows their evolution to be a family again.

The main characters of the fourth book, Building Faith, by Kathleen Fuller, are Faith and Silas.  They are thrown together in a project that just might drive them berserk :)  Their past relationship and previous ideas about each other need to be overcome so that each can see how the other has grown and matured.

This book of four shorter stories (novellas?) was a very quick read.  I think that this book might appeal to someone who doesn't have a very long time to read, but wants to start and finish something.  Perhaps someone on a car ride, or someone busy with  young children :)  or even someone on vacation!  The stories give a little glimpse of Amish life (how accurate I cannot say!) and are clean and quick to read. 

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