Monday, December 19, 2016

Sea smoke

Brrrrr! So cold! Early in the winter when the temps get really low (below 0) and the lake is still liquid, occasionally we get a glimpse of what they used to call "sea smoke" back when we lived in Maine near the ocean. Driving across the causeway with the lake on both sides, it feels slightly mysterious, as if we are in some suspenseful movie scene. So...sea smoke (though technically not "sea" as it is a freshwater lake, and not "smoke" because it's just not :) ) is kind of a frosty fog rising from the water when before it's frozen and when the air temps are very cold (this morning around zero).

Here are pictures, slightly blurry since we were driving, but maybe you can get a feel for this peculiar phenomenon! :) The lake in this pic is beginning to freeze, so the "smoke" is not enveloping us, but rather out a ways where it is not yet frozen. You might have to click on the pictures to enlarge them to get the full effect :)


  1. I don't think I've ever noticed that, though probably because I avoid going anywhere when it's that cold!

    1. :) it only happens a couple of times a year, when conditions are just right