Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My family enjoys sourdough bread, we buy it at the store usually. I do make a lot of bread for the family (especially in the winter!) but hadn't made sourdough. I looked for how to make it and looked for a person to share starter with me :)

Well, I didn't find anyone who had starter to share,so I had to make some, thanks to a recipe from an online friend (Thanks CJ!!) -- it was so easy to make the starter and now it's in the fridge, just awaiting use.

I made my first batch of bread (using this recipe from King Arthur flour) with it, and 2 days later. . .it's all eaten up, enjoyed by us all! I'm looking forward to making more with the starter, so if you have any favorite sourdough recipes for me, feel free to share them!!

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  1. Yummy it looks so good. Don't you just love King Arthur flour? I know that I do.