Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chicken sausage! :)

We just butchered 25 meat chickens and that's a LOT of meat!! :) Some is in the freezer, some is canned and on the canning shelves, and some is made into sausage!! I have got to say I love my new grinder! I received this grinder as a raffle prize at a work event my husband had to attend, and had not used it until now.

I have got to say, this grinder is wonderful! I do have a kitchenaid attachment grinder, which is what I have used up to this point, but this grinder was great! As a matter of fact, my kids did most of the work--grinding the meat, mixing it with spices etc and some soaked bulgur (stretches the meat and you can't tell--it's great in sausage!!) AND BONUS---THERE IS A SAUSAGE STUFFING ATTACHMENT INCLUDED!!!!!!! yes, that's all in caps--yes, I am shouting about it :) How wonderful!! So much easier than my old method of using a hand pump jerky shooter to stuff the sausage casings!!

Sausage casings still gross me out, but the end product is wonderful, and adds a great variety to our chicken menus for the year! (it's not all we eat, but with raising between 50 and 75 meat birds a year, sometimes it feels like it's all just chicken!)

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